GOAI seeks to foster open collaboration between GPU analytics projects and products to enable data scientists to efficiently combine the best tools for their workflows.

Current Projects

Currently, GOAI is supporting the GPU DataFrame project, which will enable tabular data to be directly exchanged between libraries and applications via GPU memory. We expect other projects to be added in the future, such as a graph standard for GPU DataFrames.

Want to join?

There are two way for a project or group to join the GPU Open Analytics Initiative:


Adopters are projects, products or groups that are currently using or planning to use a GOAI project. A database adding support for the GPU DataFrame can be a GOAI adopter, for example. Adopters should announce their plans on the public GOAI mailing list and we will add a link to their project on the GOAI website.


A member is responsible for stewardship of the GOAI organization, including decision-making about expanding GOAI to future projects, planning for events and outreach, and generally promoting the GOAI mission. Members will meet periodically to discuss and vote on GOAI management issues. However, technical decisions are handled by the open source developer communities around individual GOAI projects and membership is not a requirement for technical contributions.

An organization can request membership from the existing members. Members are expected to:

  • Have demonstrated contributions toward open GPU analytics: This can be in the form of open source code contributions, community involvement, education, etc. (Members do not have to be exclusively open source, of course.)
  • Engage constructively with the community: Members should have a constructive and friendly attitude toward others in the GOAI community and be willing to mentor newer contributors and users.
  • Collaborate with other GOAI members: Although GOAI members may be business competitors, within the context of GOAI meetings and projects, members are expected to collaborate in good faith with other members.

Existing members will vote on the admission of new members based on the above criteria. Note that adopters do not need to satisfy the above requirements.